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Discussing the significance of Six Sigma Functional Certificate.

During this COVID-19 Lockdown where almost all the operations are on hold for our company, we conducted some Virtual Interviews for the upcoming expansion plans. It was a great experience using the advanced technology and I really hope that we continue using it to save a lot of time, efforts & other resources.

During one of the interviews where a candidate claimed to have hands-on experience on one of the core activities of the respective profile but he did not carry any formal certificate. Being a virtual interview, even we had some limitations to verify the skill-set through a real-time test and had to put him on hold until it is possible.


The incidence highlighted the importance of having the Certificate for the skills you possess.

Lean Six Sigma Certificate

There is no centralized authority at the global level that manages Lean Six Sigma Training & Certifications but there are few prominent Accrediting Bodies such as American Society for Quality (ASQ), International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC), etc.

Most of these Accrediting Bodies do not offer any kind of Training Programs themselves but authorizes the Lean Six Sigma Training Providers across the world after successfully fulfilling its eligibility criteria and adhering to the necessary regulations including Curriculum Alignment, Mode of Training, Training Hours, Qualification of Trainers, Examination System, etc.

The Learners generally complete their Training with the Training Providers and then take up the Examination conduct by these Accrediting Bodies to further claim their respective Certifications.

It has been observed that some Lean Six Sigma Training Providers are using the names of these Accreditation Providers illegally. Thus, it is always advisable to cross check if the Training Provider is actually accredited by the respective body. One can easily find a list of Accredited Training Providers on their official websites.

Types of Lean Six Sigma Certificates

There are majorly two types of Certificates as- 1. Training Completion Certificate 2. Functional Certificate.

Most of the Training Programs are focused on delivering Theory, hardly leaving any scope for the Practical Application of Six Sigma. Even their Assessment System is mostly based on Final Examination, generally of Multiple Choice Pattern. This type of Examination solely tests the memory of the learners and has strict limitations to assess the amount of learning actually happens. The Certification issued after such kind of Training Model is generally referred as ‘Training Completion Certificate’ which obviously has lesser value than the other type of Certificate i.e. ‘Functional Certificate’.

Very few Training Programs emphasize on Practical Application of the knowledge shared during the Theory Sessions. The Assessment is based on Proficiency Test or Examination and Six Sigma Project where the learners apply Six Sigma to address the real-life problems. In simple words, Functional Certificate is generally issued for successful completion of a Six Sigma Black Belt Project.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with Functional Certificate Program by e-Six Sigma

Six Sigma Black Belt Functional Certificate

Being known for Innovating Training Models in the world of Lean Six Sigma & Quality Management Training for the past 10+ years, e-Six Sigma has been successful in bringing disruptive & learner-centric functions such as Micro-Learning, 70-10-20 Model of Learning, AWYL-Apply What You Learn Activities, Live Chat with Experts & many more.

With its Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program, e-Six Sigma is blending with Six Sigma Project to offer a Functional Certificate, first of its kind. The curriculum is distributed over 42 Chapters; each consists of- > 1. e-Learning Video: Short-length, Attractive & Easy to Understand 2. Study Material: Enriched with Additional Real-Life Examples for Better Understanding and 3. AWYL i.e. Apply What You Learn Activities: Equivalent to Six Sigma Project.

These AWYL Activities are thoughtfully designed by the Industry Experts to allow the Learners to gain practical exposure through Role-Plays, Calculations, Research Tasks, Data Collection, Presentations, etc. One has to perform similar activities in any Six Sigma Project and hence they are considered as Equivalent to a Formal Six Sigma Project.

Six Sigma Black Belt Functional Certificate

Further, these AWYL Activities are assessed by a Team of Experts to provide their Personalized Feedbacks & Follow-ups ensuring Tangible Improvement. These AWYL Activities carry a weightage of 5 points each (Total 210) to be considered for Final Certification.

After Completing all the 42 Chapters, the Learners need to submit a Project Report in the prescribed format and only after it got approved by the Experts, the Learners can appear for the Proficiency Test, post which he will be issued a Functional Certificate. More than 400 Professionals have enjoyed this Model of Learning till now & counting!

The course is accredited by one of the renowned Accrediting Bodies- Council for Six Sigma Certification i.e. CSSC (USA). The Functional Certificate is well recognized & accepted across the world.

You can know more about this course at- Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with Functional Certificate Program.

Abhijeet Mandlecha
Abhijeet Mandlecha
Principal Lean Six Sigma Consultant, e-Six Sigma

Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. 14+ years of Experience. Trained 1200+ Professionals & Students on Lean Six Sigma.