Application of Six Sigma

Driving Quality Improvement across the industries and saving billions of dollars!

Application of Six Sigma

Six Sigma Methodology, after being invented at Motorola & successfully applied at GE, has now spread to every corner of almost all the businesses across the world.

As it is simply said, Six Sigma is Quality Improvement Methodology. Quality is everyhwere and thus Six Sigma too!

Let us study some Industry Case Studies where Six Sigma is applied and benefitted.

Manufacturing & Production

Six Sigma in Manufacturing & Production

In its initial days, Six Sigma was primarily used in Manufacturing & Production industries mainly to remove waste from different processes, reduce variations and cycle times. Read more

Service Sector

Six Sigma in Service Sector

Today, Service Sector is the most in demand industry in the world. India has been primarily focusing on it generating thousands of jobs every year. Six Sigma has been helping the processes to align with customer's requirements. Read more

IT & Software

Six Sigma in IT & Software

Six Sigma has been gaining a huge traction in Information & Technology space and turning out to be a highly beneficial deal for the Technology-based companies of all verticals. Read more

Banking & Finance

Six Sigma in Banking & Finance

Six Sigma is helping this industry mainly with increasing Efficiency & improved Customer Satisfaction. The other significant benefits such as cost saving, reducing cycle time, etc also getting into lime-light. Read more


Six Sigma in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most adeptable industry for Six Sigma now a days and driving significant no of Six Sigma Assignments at larger scale across the world. Read more


Six Sigma in Education

With ever increasing use of advance technologies in Education sector, there is simultaneously increasing use of Six Sigma to optimize the resources for improved results. Read more

Sales & Marketing

Six Sigma in sales & Marketing

Six Sigma has already transformed manufacturing in thousands of companies and it is now doing the same in Sales & Marketing in companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, JIO, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, TATA, Xerox, Dell and many more across the world. Read more

Travel & Hospitality

Six Sigma in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

In this era of global communication, geographical boundaries are becoming myths. People are more keen now to see new places, countries & explore different colors of life. Six Sigma is playing a vital role in this space as well.