Blog : Six Sigma and the Great Indian Festival by Amazon

Discussing how big companies integrate Six Sigma in their operations.


After Motorola’s successful application of Six Sigma, followed by General Electrics, Six Sigma became a boom across the world in mid 90’s. Everyone was talking about its benefits, success stories and how fortune companies started implementing Six Sigma! It was quite obvious.

Six Sigma is a world-wide renowned & proven Quality Improvement Methodology that focuses on identifying & removing the defects or errors from any product, service or process using a set of 100’s of tools & techniques, offering an efficiency level of 99.99966% or only 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

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Quality and Six Sigma

Quality is everywhere! From a very small-sized product like needle till the space shuttle, everything has its own quality standards. Even we often say that ‘service was excellent at ABC restaurant!’. It simply means we found the quality of service as excellent, isn’t it?

This quality of products or services can be maintained properly and improved to its peak using Six Sigma Tools & Techniques. We all know that the quality is primarily maintained by the manufacturers or the service providers.

Six Sigma and Companies

Today, on 10th October 2018, my day started with 2 full page advertisements of Amazon and Flipkart in the newspaper. The ‘Great Indian Festival’ of Amazon and ‘Big Billion Day’ of Flipkart started mid-night today.

If we closely observe, both these big companies trying to acquire the maximum market share of e-commerce business and while doing so, they are spending crores of rupees in Management, Promotions, Deliveries, Support and so on.

Even though they are offering attractive discounts on a big range of products, they are still making good amount of money. And one of the prime reasons, behind this is they know how to control the ‘cost’ of their operations. Directly or indirectly, they use plenty number of Six Sigma tools & techniques strongly supported by a well-driven, systematic execution with the help of technology.

In a normal routine of daily operations, there are millions of other companies using Six Sigma across the industries and the world to enjoy the benefits of reduced production costs, reduced resources cost, improved quality, enhanced customer satisfaction, increased revenue and hence profit margins. (You can also consider this as a business cycle in a sequence.)


And to achieve all this, the companies desperately seek people, let’s call them as Six Sigma Professionals, who can successfully implement Six Sigma! Trust me friends, the demand is very high today and it will be skyrocketing tomorrow. Now, it’s up to you if you want to fly with that rocket or not!

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I strongly advise to not to overthink but take a firm decision NOW to make your TOMORROW better!

Abhijeet Mandlecha
Abhijeet Mandlecha
Principal Lean Six Sigma Consultant, e-Six Sigma

Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. 14+ years of Experience. Trained 1200+ Professionals & Students on Lean Six Sigma.